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Kaiju Big Battel
Super Wrong's Balls

Super Wrong's Balls are for Sale!

Buy Super Wrong's Balls

Whoever said that Super Wrong would never win anything in his life was wrong. Super Wrong's Disco Balls have been held up in North Korean customs, and shelved over a pricing dispute, but this week his lawyers petitioned the US Department of Labor, Commerce and Disco Dancing (USDLCDD), and won. As a result of this legal victory (the first victory he's ever been associated with), Super Wrong's debut product - the Pocket Disco Ball - is now on sale in the Kaiju Mall. Super Wrong's balls are limited to 200 pieces worldwide and destined to be a classic stocking stuffer.

Shpadoinkel Mania Memories

The NFL has the Super Bowl, the Smurfs have the Shirtless Blues Fest, and Kaiju Big Battel has Shpadoinkel Mania. Shpadoinkel Mania is perhaps the greatest Kaiju tradition of all time. Each Shpadoinkel Mania seems better than the last and marks a special time in Kaiju history. In an effort to shed some light on the magnificent Shpadoinkel tradition, select Kaiju luminaries were asked to reflect on their favorite Shpadoinkel Mania memories.

"I really loved the Diaper Match between Call-Me-Kevin and Rucky the Leprechaun at SM VIII. It was classic Shpadoinkel." - Louden Noxious

"The suicide match between those two loser Kaiju Heroes was Shpadoinkel to the nth degree; two Heroes down and I didn't have to do a Shpadoinkel thing!" - Dr. Cube

"The Vegan Vampire Benefit at Shpadoinkel Mania V really captured the Shpadoinkel spirit." - Dusto Bunny

"The time Cycloptopuss got tricked into marrying a drunk tail-less donkey at Shapdoink X was totally Shpadoinkeled-out... to the max!" - Beav

What new memories will be created at this year's Shpadoinkel Mania? There's only one way to find out - be there at the Avalon Boston on October 20th!

Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII
Featuring: Kaiju Big Battel with special musical guest Gelatine
When: Friday, October 20th. Doors at 6pm, show at 7pm.
Where: Avalon Boston, 15 Landsdowne St. (behind Fenway Park)
Tickets: Available at Ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations. All Ages. $15.25

Tag Team Belt Future?

In a press conference held in downtown Mogadishu this Tuesday, Dr. Cube demanded the creation of an all-new Kaiju Tag Team Championship Title complete with fancy belts, cash money prizes, and oversized bottles of expensive Champagne! The closest thing Kaiju has for a Tag Team Title is the Golden Banana Award for Tag Team Excellence . This award however is hardly a Championship Title and has fallen out of vogue with the passing of 50% of the Los Plantanos tag team. The Kaiju Commissioner, unsure of the need for another Championship Title has decided to open the debate to the Kaiju fans. Do you think Kaiju needs a Tag Team Championship? Voice your opinion on the message board and help decide the fate of the Kaiju Tag Team Title.

Uchu Chu Looks to Egg-cel

Uchu Chu the Space Bug is one of the biggest players in Kaiju Big Battel, as documented in this brand new Hello Uchu Chu video. However, he is also a notorious lover of vice. His gambling, carousing, and royal jelly drinking are legendary, but until recently they had also curbed his Big Battel success. In fact many have taken to calling him "the Anna Kournikova of the Big Battel, however instead of being extremely good looking like Ms. Kournikova, he's just drunk on Royal Jelly, but just like her he has an unremarkable win-loss record." Despite this most verbose moniker, Uchu has turned things around recently, and begun to disprove his detractors.

After suffering the loss of Sky Deviler during an epic Battel in the Scottish Highlands (as seen in Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth), Uchu Chu became focused on a singular goal - freeing the late Deviler's egg from the clutches of Dr. Cube. After a series of violent skirmishes and kidnappings, Uchu Chu finally recovered the egg, and has since dedicated every hour of his time to protecting it. Kaiju's top space case has even issued a warning to all of Kaiju - if anyone messes with Sky Deviler's egg, Uchu Chu will deal with them himself at Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII.

Nationwide Search

American critics have recently leveled charges that Kaiju Big Battel is regionally biased in it's selection of new Kaiju combatants. Over 95% of Kaiju fighters hail from the same mundane areas - the East Coast of the US, Japan, the deep sea, or outer space. These critics claim the Commissioner is neglecting the majority of the United States, allowing latent Kaiju Danger levels to soar in states such as Kansas, Alaska, and South Wyoming. In response to the criticism, the Commissioner has announced a nationwide lottery for a new Kaiju Hero. One individual from every state will be randomly selected to compete in a tournament to the death. The finalist will meet in Battel at the upcoming Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII.

Shpadoinkel on Your Wall

In honor of the 18th Shpadoinkel Mania, the Kaiju Commissioner has ordered the creation of a limited edition Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII Print, designed by Vinnie Arnone. Vinnie has given this poster the royal treatment, and his two color design will blow your mind. Only fifty of these hand-numbered prints have been made, so grab one before the Battel!

In other Kaiju Mall news, Super Wrong's Pocket Disco Balls have finally cleared customs and arrived at the Kaiju warehouse. Ever a prefectionist, Super Wrong himself lovingly packaged each ball in a protective plastic case to ensure that they would not be busted in transit. Each ball is in pristine condition, and ready to find a place in the home of a Super Wrong fan. Unfortunately there is one more obstacle standing between you and Super Wrong's balls - money. Apparently Super Wrong values his balls much more than the Commissioner, and the two are still trying to work a compromise price more reasonable than Super Wrong's original MSRP of $12,999.99 each.

Peelander-Z (and friends) at NEMO

Peelander Blue, Peelander Red, Peelander Yellow, and Dr. Cube's newest nemesis - Peelander Pink will be rocking the NEMO festival next Friday in Boston. Joining Peelander-Z at Great Scott in Allston Rock City will be Wild Zero and some special Kaiju guests and video. The action/adventure/mayhem goes down on September 28th at Great Scott on Comm Ave in Allston, MA.

Ask the Commissioner

Hi there! Four of my friends and I have already purchased tickets for the Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII battel in October. Will be a Danger Zone for this battel? If so, we would love to watch the battel from it. (WE LOVE DANGER.) Would that be possible? Keep up the great work, Faye.

Dear Faye:

I applaud your unbridled enthisiasm.

For the uninitiated, the area immediately surrounding the Big Ring is the Danger Zone. The closer you stand to the ring the more Danger you are in. If you can share your cold drinks with Salbino, you are in the middle of the DZ.

The Danger Zone is open to all on a first come, first serve basis. So, get to Avalon early (doors are at 6pm) for a primo Danger Zone spot.

See at the Battel! I will be joining you in the Danger Zone in spirit.

Your Friend,
Kaiju Commissioner

Do you have a question for the Kaiju Commissioner? Email it to commissioner@kaiju.com.

Millionaire Playboy Contest

The crew at Millionaire Playboy is teaming up with Kaiju Big Battel for a brand new contest. Right now you can visit their contest page and enter to win a limited edition Minion Militia Kit, complete with authentic Minion mask and scrubs. Also, be sure to check back with Millionaire Playboy next week, when they will be reviewing the upcoming Kaiju DVD, More Better Fighto.

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