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Kaiju Big Battel
Dr. Cube Swings a Train at Pedro Plantain, while Potato Pounces

All Out War!

Last Minute
All Out War Update!

As of Thursday afternoon, there are still a limited number of tickets available for Friday's All Out War Battel in Brooklyn (see lineup below). Experts in the Kaiju, live event, and estimation industries are all predicting a sellout at the "intimate" Warsaw, so make sure to grab your tickets right now from ticketmaster. If you are planning on purchasing your tickets at the Warsaw, be sure to get there early - doors are 8pm and Peelander-Z will begin rocking the house right at 8:45pm.

New Kaiju Threads for All Out War

The Kaiju Commissioner is rolling out some rad new shirts at All Out War. A brand new Call-Me-Kevin T-Shirt will be on sale for the first time ever, as well as a limited edition, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle Mmm, Mmm, Bad! T-Shirt which is available now in the Kaiju Mall. Especially for the ladies, there will be girlie hoodies, and Mmm, Mmm, Bad! Girlie Shirts. Coolest of all, will be an exclusive, super limited-edition All Out War T-Shirt (only 70 made) for sale at the show on Friday.

All Out War in NYC

Kaiju Big Battel returns to New York to headline Warsaw on Friday, August 4th. Kaiju's highly anticipated return will feature thirty-three blocks of crushable cityscape (including the Empire State building), 2 Kaiju Jumbotrons, the fan favorite Danger Zone (a Double-Dare-inspired audience participation area), and over twenty Kaiju fighters including favorites, Dr. Cube, Kung Fu Chicken Noodle, Pedro Plantain, and the evil Silver Potato. And wait, there’s more: very special musical guests Peelander-Z will kick off the spectacle with their acclaimed "Japanese action comic punk" rock show.

>Experience this year's greatest night of live monster wrestling and see if Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle can defend his Kaiju Championship Title. This is Kaiju's only scheduled New York performance, so don't sleep on it. This is an all ages event and will surely sell-out, so buy your tickets today.

Kaiju Big Battel with musical guest Peelander-Z
When: Friday, August 4. Doors at 8pm
Where: Warsaw in Greenpoint, 261 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Tickets: Available at Irving Plaza Box Office, Earwax Music on Bedford St in Williamsburg, Ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations. All Ages. $18.50 in advance, $20 day of show.

Full Battel Lineup

Pre-fight live music by Peelander-Z

Battel 1: Kong Quest
Hell Monkey vs The Grudyin

Dr. Cube's greatest tagteam of terror, The Apes of Wraths, have recently broke up over their team name. Hell Monkey demands they be called Primate is Enough, whereas the Grudyin insists that they keep The Apes of Wraths as their moniker. The name, and potentially the fate, of their tagteam will be determined during the opening Battel as these two evil primates fight for the right to name their unholy alliance. The first furious furry to capture the flag on top of the Empire State Building and place it in their corner wins! Besides that, anything goes: weapons of niche destruction, toxic sludge, kidnapping, WMDs, IEDs, IUDs, WTFs, you name it. All is fair in tonight's Kong Quest!

Pixie-Fungi Feud
Powa Ranjuru vs Shrooma Tango

The exact origin of the "Pixie-Fungi" feud between Powa Ranjuru and Shrooma Tango has been lost in the mists of Kaiju tabloid reporting, but legend has it that the bitter feelings began last Battel when Shrooma Tango allegedly tried to steal some of Powa's magical pixie dust. Shrooma denies the allegation, but the disagreement escalated into a mud-slinging media campaign equal to a presidential primary. Shrooma claims that Powa is slandering him as a psychedelic threat to all the good-natured fans in the danger zone. Powa Ranjuru is being portrayed by Cube's Posse as a pixie dust dependent fiend. Tempers flared and now the two will face off in the Pixie-Fungi Feud!

Protect the Bridge or Press Restart!
Hero-in-Training vs All Comers

The Hero-In-Training (AKA the Hero Intern) has been on an awesome winning streak this year. Once a lowly intern, this guy has fought his way to the impressive position of Hero-in-Training (HIT). Before he is awarded full Kaiju Hero Status he has been given one final task: protect the new midtown bridge from Kaiju terrorism. If the HIT succeeds, not only will he graduate to a full-fledged Kaiju Hero with all the awesome rights, responsibilities, and obligations of a sanctioned Hero, but he'll get a tactical utility belt, and a proper Hero name. So, if the HIT wants Heroic entry he better be the bridge sentry of the century! Otherwise our aspiring Hero will be sent back to the Kaiju farm league and be forced to re-start the Intern program from the beginning.

World's Biggest Loser Contest
Call Me-Kevin vs Super Wrong

Who's the biggest loser in all of Kaiju Big Battel? This question has arguably spurred more debate on the Kaiju message board than the meaning of Kaiju itself. Everyone agrees that the two leading contenders for biggest Kaiju loser are Call-Me-Kevin of the Sea Amigos and Kaiju's dancing Hero, Super Wrong. Both fighters have never won a match in their entire Big Battel career. This is very special contest is designed to finally determine, once and for all, who is the biggest loser in Kaiju. Place your bets of the Kaiju message board!

Big Battel, Fine Print
Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle vs Dr. Cube vs Silver Potato vs Pedro Plantain

The main event of the evening will determine who is the number one contender for the Kaiju Championship Belt, among other things. Each contestant in this four-way fiasco has a special stipulation. If Soup, the current Champ, wins he gets to pick his opponent for the next Kaiju Championship Belt Contest. If Pedro wins, he'll be awarded a revenge match against the traitor Silver Potato (who is accused of killing Pedro's twin brother, Pablo). If Potato wins, he will go on to fight Soup for the Championship Belt. If Dr. Cube comes out on top, he automatically wins the Kaiju Championship Belt.

Super Wrong Loses Balls

Super Wrong's debut Kaiju product, the Pocket Disco Ball (The PDB) has been held up by in customs as a result of the North Korean missile sanctions. Super Wrong had hoped to debut his groundbreaking product at San Diego Comic-Con, but now the dancing Hero plans to unleash his Korean-made Pocket Disco Balls at the upcoming Brooklyn Battel. Will the world ever be blessed with Super Wrong's officially endorsed Pocket Disco Balls? Stay tuned!

July Otaku Queen

Move over cats and dawgs, cause it's raining fan art over here. We've had a virtual flood of Otaku submissions over the last month. The latest Otaku Fan King Crown has been awarded to Yumi for her "Someone Must Die" inspired cake, complete with the edible corpse of a knifed Pablo Plantain. We received lots of other sweat submissions too. Check out the cream of the crop of the latest Fan Art, Fan Photos, DIY Toys, and more in the House of Otaku.

Send all of your Otaku submissions to submit@kaiju.com.

All Out War Poster in Stock

The Commissioner has invited Boris of Rocket North to design and print a special commemorative silk screened print for All Out War. This sweet two-color All Out War Print on quality paper is signed, numbered, and limited to 100 copies. Buy one while you still can.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Main Event Mash-up

As of this Monday, the Kaiju Commissioner had been petitioned by 14 different Kaiju combatants who all wanted a shot at the All Out War Main Event, each for a different reason: Pedro Plantain wanted to face off against Silver Potato to avenge his brother's death; Dr. Cube wanted a rematch against Dr. Cube; Marutambo wanted to face every single North American woodpecker in a tree vs avian species death match. But despite how exciting, chaotic, and "clustery" a 14-way Battel would be, the Commish has had the good sense to weed the pretenders, chumps, and chumpettes down to one epic 4-way Battel.

Next Friday night, August 4th, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Pedro Plantain, Dr. Cube, and Silver Potato will all enter the Big Ring, each for their own reason. Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle will of course be defending his Championship Belt, but as an added twist, if he is victorious he gets to pick his challenger at the next Big Battel in October. Pedro Plantain will be fighting for his chance at vengence - a victory earns him a Revenge Match against Silver Potato. Potato meanwhile, earns a title shot in October if he makes the winning pin. Dr. Cube stands to capture the greatest prize of all, if he wins - the Kaiju Championship Belt!

Question of the Week

When are those new CMK and "Mmm, Mmm, Bad" shirts coming in?

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