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Super Wrong's Site

1.21 Gigawatts of Cyberspace Awaits!

Super Wrong Website Launches, Blows Minds

After a long month's wait, Kaiju Hero Super Wrong launched his brand-new website to anxious millions today in what he says will start a "revolution in the cyberspace experience forever." The leader of the Yokosuka Jump Squadron revealed earlier today that he designed the page himself after being unable to find a designer who would work for free.

Super Wrong wanted to make sure we gave you a disclaimer before accessed his site. The Funky Hero says that the site may be a little too intense to be visited by just anyone. Super Wrong's site features loud music, flashing lights, in-your-face attitude and may contain some content unsuitable for minors. Super Wrong specifically recommends accessing the site at an office or classroom environment with the volume turned all the way up, so as to inspire universal admiration from your peers.

Without further ado, Kaiju.com has been told to be proud to present the official website of Super Wrong, located at superwrong2000.angelfire.com. We feel there is no further comment necessary.

Hero Intern To Study Abroad

The last nine months have been somewhat of a rollercoaster for Hero Intern '08. After making a successful debut in Providence, followed by successful matches in Boston and Philadelphia, the Intern tasted his first defeat at the hands of The Grudyin in New York last June. After getting back on track with a tandem team victory in Podunk, Intern was again defeated, this time in Brooklyn against the team of Dr. Cube and Chris Hero.

Although the Intern won the Best Newcomer Award earlier this month, the Heavy Metal Hero is still itching to get back in the ring to prove himself once and for all, primarily so he can graduate to full Hero status and also to get that pesky '08 removed from his name. As a result, the Intern has enrolled in the KHSANLJPP program. The Kaiju Hero Study Abroad (No Lewd Jokes Please) Program was founded in 1979 but quickly suspended after students studying in Iran were held hostage until 1981. The program made a successful comeback in 1994, where interns were sent to Chelsea, Massachusetts in blindfolds and told they were in France.

The Intern hasn't decided where exactly he's going to go, yet, but he says he's narrowed it down to two places; Japan and Singapore. The former has a long, distinguished history of both monster combat and professional wrestling, but the latter is "packed full of amazingly cute Asian girls playing PSP", according to the Intern's friend, Jonny. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Kaiju News and Notes

  • Reports indicate Unibouzu, Dino Kang Jr. and Pedro Plantain were among the few Kaiju monsters spotted at a secret warehouse party in Brooklyn last Thursday. Some accounts claimed that former Kaiju Champion Kung Fu Chicken Noodle was also in attendance, but experts believe KFCN has been far too busy babysitting the Baby Sky Deviler. Reports of Super Wrong's attendance are also denied by Super Wrong, who claims he had been working on his site non-stop for the last three weeks.
  • In a rare shocker of an unsubstantiated rumor being true, Kaiju Hero Slo Feng admitted last week that he does indeed have a gambling problem. Slo Feng lost thousands of dollars on the surprise postseason run of the Arizona Cardinals, betting against them each week as they defied the odds and upset each of their opponents. However, Slo Feng feels the Cardinals are due to lose and has taken out a mortgage on his home to pay for a sizeable wager against the Arizona squad, and expects to be back in good financial standing by the end of Sunday night.
  • Question of the Week

    Are we allowed to print the name of the party those Kaiju monsters were seen at?

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