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Kaiju Big Battel
St. Patty's Day

Blarney Big Battel

St. Patty's Price Massacre!

Kaiju.com is proud to announce that Tuesday is, in fact, St. Patrick's Day. We know you may have been a little confused, seeing as how each major city tends to plan a different day to celebrate it; Hoboken, NJ celebrated it last Saturday! Come on, New Jersey, get your act together.

But Kaiju.com is going to make sure this is one St. Patrick's Day you'll never forget! That is, unless Newark or Trenton or some other New Jersey town wants to mess it up again. But for this week only, you can buy our Vegetius Marmit Vinyl Figurine for only $49.99! That's 15 bucks off the normal price! With the kind of dough you're saving, you could buy the awesome Vegetius shirt, too! Okay, yeah, the numbers don't add up perfectly, but you know what we mean. So check out the Kaiju Mall today!

Intern to Face Vegetius in Final Exam

After successfully overturning some key credits a few weeks ago, the Hero Intern '08 was riding high and ready to graduate to full Hero status. And this week, the KRC has announced who the Intern will face in his final test; none other than the wild beast Vegetius!

The Intern had quite a stellar start to his Kaiju career, with wins over D.W. Cycloptopuss III, The Grudyin and Tucor, but his path to Kaiju immortality appeared to be slightly derailed by a rematch loss to The Grudyin and a tough defeat at the hands of Dr. Cube and Chris Hero. But rather than take these losses personally, the Intern looks to learn from his mistakes, and hopes that the culmination of these experiences will be both a win on April 3rd against Vegetius, and a long, successful Kaiju Hero career.

Kaiju in 3-D
With Musical Guests Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears
When: Fri, April 3rd, 8:00 PM
Where: Warsaw at the Polish National Home, 261 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: $20, available at Ticketmaster

Super Wrong Declares Himself Healthy

After missing his team's semifinal matchup against Gomi-Man and Shrooma Tango, Super Wrong has given himself a clean bill of health and has re-inserted himself into his Yokosuka Jump Squadron team for the semifinals of the Kaiju Double Danger Tandem Tournament. At first, this would appear to make him an upgrade over the comatose Jeremiah the Pink Teddy Bear, but like everything with Super Wrong, it's never that easy.

Instead, Super Wrong, as the leader of the Jump Squadron, has made the executive decision that Dusto Bunny is the weak link of the team, not Jeremiah, or himself, for that matter. And so, the Yokosuka Jump Squadron will enter the semifinals as the pairing of Super Wrong and Jeremiah the Pink Teddy Bear. Stay tuned this Thursday for the big matchup against the Sea Amigos!

Vegas Odds Go Off the Board

With the unlikely advancement of Dai Hachi Hachi to the semifinals, Las Vegas casinos have decided to save themselves the inevitable financial bloodletting that would come from allowing anyone to bet against Dai Hachi Hachi. After his undeserved and inexplicable quarterfinal "win", gamblers were not exactly convinced the Creepy Crawler stood a chance in the semis and proceeded to bet on American Beetle and Tadd Bradley, even though the reward for picking the Heroes was virtually nothing.

Even setting Dai Hachi Hachi as a 7000-to-1 underdog didn't move the bets in any direction other than the Heroes, so with Vegas expecting to lose money on Dai Hachi Hachi's inevitable defeat, they have stopped taking bets on the matchup. And now, with the announcement of Super Wrong reinserting himself into the tournament, Vegas is expected to lose possibly tens of dollars in potential winning payouts. More on this as it develops.

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Powa Looks For Opponent

Kaiju Hero Powa Ranjuru, who last week was asked by her friend Neo Teppen to stay out of his upcoming main event title defense, is looking for an opponent to keep her occupied on April 3rd. Ranjuru, of course, is best known for her impeccable timing when helping out her fellow Heroes in need, but Powa has also recently begun fighting on her own in scheduled matches as well.

"You know, it's one of those things where, I'm so used to running in on the middle of matches, if I'm not in my own match, I might not be able to stop myself" said Ranjuru this weekend. "It's like second nature, you know? So if I have someone else to fight, I'll be too distracted to interfere. Makes sense, right?"

San Francisco-area columnist and noted contrarian Bip Skayless has created controversy, however, after his remarks claiming that Teppen wants Powa to stay out of the fight not because of any high-and-mighty sportsmanship beliefs, but because Powa's interference accidentally cost him the belt in Philadelphia. But Powa isn't about to believe that any time soon. "Yeah, tell Skayless that he can (expletive deleted). But don't print that. Actually, no, please do."

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