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Kaiju Big Battel
Danger at Lupo's

Welcome to Hotel Danger

Danger Saturday!

It's Danger-time in Providence! This Saturday Kaiju Big Battel raids Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, and things are sure to get out of hand with the return of the towering Danger Cage! For the first time in over three years, Kaiju monsters will wage war inside the massive steel structure that some thought was too Dangerous to be used ever again.

The caged combat is set to go down at Lupo's at 7:30pm (doors at 6:30), and don't be afraid of the drive down to Providence - tickets will be available at the door.

What: Kaiju Big Battel
When: Saturday, March 29th 2008. 6:30 PM doors. 7:30 PM show.
Where: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, 79 Washington Street Providence, RI 02903
Tickets: $16 in advance, $18 day of show. All Ages. Lupo's Box Office, online at eTix.com, and at F.Y.E.

Battel Lineup

The Danger Strikes Back with this incredible line for Saturday's Big Battel:

Pre-Fighto Entertainment: DJ Clashious Clay

Fighto 1: D.W. Cycloptopuss Vs ?
Unibouzu's open challenge at the recent New York Blackout Battel turned out to be a failure when the returning Slo Feng pounded the pickle head to a pulp. In an attempt to redeem his Sea Amigo, the clam scented Cycloptopuss has issued an open challenge to the Kaiju Heroes. He has taken a different approach than Unibouzu and has prepared both his mind and his body for this fighto. With dissension amongst the Heroes at an all time high, it remains to be seen who will step up to Cycloptopuss' dare?

Fighto 2 Yarsminko & Dai Hachi Hachi Vs Neo Teppen and American Beetle
Uchu Chu stormed out of a sold-out Webster Hall after Dai Hachi Hachi's premature celebration cost his teammates the Double Danger Tagteam Titles. In an effort to amend his blunder, Dai Hachi Hachi has requested a rematch between Team Space Bug and the current tag team champions, Neo Teppen and American Beetle. However, the Kaiju Commissioner has replaced the MIA Uchu Chu with Dai Hachi Hachi and this new pairing does not sit well with Yarsminko. Will the Heroes be able to beat off the menacing Space Bugs?

Fighto 3: Dino Kang Vs Super Wrong
Due to another appointment, Dr. Cube is apparently opting out of tonight's Providence punch-out, which Super Wrong suspects is a sham. Cube refused to accept a fighto with the futuristic funky Hero but has sent his super-cute, yet highly devious, Dino Kang Jr. to put the dancing fool in his place. This is Dino Kang Jr's debut Danger Cage fighto no less. Will Super Wrong rain down on the dino-debutante's parade?

Fighto 4 Sun Buster Vs Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder
The rivalry between Sun Buster and Steam-Powered Tentacle Boulder has become downright personal. Boulder used Sun Buster's debut fighto as a platform to reiterate his desire to be Kaiju Champion. So, an embarrassed Sun Buster requested a Boulder Battel and the Commissioner granted him the opportunity of revenge. Tonight Boulder intends to let off some steam, vowing that he will humiliate "that Rainbow Munch." More importantly, this impassioned Battel is a Black Box Danger Zone Battel and is ostensibly the most Dangerous thing this side of East Providence.

Fighto 5 Dusto Bunny Vs Call-Me-Kevin
Since Call-Me-Kevin captured the Kaiju Championship Belt, his luck has been slipping down the slippery slope of Mount Loser. Kevin was defeated by The Grudyin at New York Blackout and took the fall for The Sea Amigos in the recent Chikara King of Trios Tournament. Now Kevin must defend his title against fan-favorite Dusto Bunny. Even if Call-Me-Kevin can pull off the improbable and defeat the heroic hare, he may still have to face a bitter Dr. Cube who has been ominously omitted from tonight's Big Battel.

Special Guest DJ!

In addition to the planned Big Battel action, the fans in attendance at Lupo's on Saturday, will be treated to a rare US appearance by legendary worldwide underground DJ Clashious Clay. Known for his triple-platinum mix-tapes "Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bass," "Clubbing is a Lot of White People Watching Two Turntables Beat Up Some Records," and "There's Not a DJ Alive Who Can Whup My Beats." DJ Clashious Clay will be providing a solid hour of entertainment before he hands of to the Salbino Sound Engineering crew, so don't get there late!

Glow Danger Print

A Big Battel as dangerous as Danger Strikes Back demands a special commemorative poster and the new 2-color print with glow-in-the dark ink by Vinnie Arnone totally delivers. These large format (16.5" x 25"), hand-numbered high quality posters are limited to 100 prints and will be gone before you can say "Steam Powered Tentacle is Awesome." Get the Danger Strikes Back Poster now, before they sell-out at the Battel!

Question of the Week

Will the real Dr. Cube please stand up?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Kaiju Wants You

The Commissioner is proud to welcome our newest Studio Kaiju production assistants, Duncan and Adrien. Do you have what it takes to protect the world from giant city-crushing monsters this summer? Then the Kaiju Commissioner wants you! Video, web, and production Interns wanted now. Check out the Kaiju Jobs page for full descriptions.

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  • April 29, Lupo's, Providence, RI
  • June 1, The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
  • June 7, Webster Hall, Manhattan, NY

The Kaiju Universe is ever expanding, and we're always looking for new opportunities for monster mayhem. Email info@kaiju.com for more info.

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