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Kaiju Big Battel
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Brooklyn Battel Results

The Big Battel rocked The Yard in Brooklyn last week with a full slate of fearsome fightos that made nearby industrial waterways boil with exuberance. The Kaiju Commissioner has released an official Brooklyn Battel Recap, but see below for the basic Battel results:

Powa Ranjuru Defeated Pedro Plantin via DQ

The Grudyin & Tucor Defeated the Yokosuka Jump Squadron to retain the Double Danger Tandem Titles

Neo Teppen Defeated the Iron Brothers to retain the Kaiju Championship Belt

Dr. Cube and Chris Hero defeated American Beetle and Hero Intern '08

For a blow-by-blow rundown of all the action, plus the results of the Sea Amigos' talent search, check out the Brooklyn Battel Recap.

Fan Photo Highlights

As always, the Kaiju Big Battel fans have immortalized the Brooklyn Battel with their digital photos. Check out just a sampling:

Jeremiah the Giant Pink Teddy Bear in Critical Condition

After a brutal, unsportsmanlike attack featuring what one Kaiju expert deemed "the sickest fricken' piledriver I've ever seen," Yokosuka Jump Squadron member Jeremiah the Teddy Bear remains in critical condition at a Brooklyn-area hospital. Following their victory over Jump Squad members Super Wrong and Dusto Bunny, The Grudyin and Tucor jumped Jeremiah as he tended to his fallen comrades. The beating was so severe, doctors say Jeremiah has been lucky to last through the last few nights.

Support Jeremiah by purchasing something from the Kaiju Mall! 110% of all proceeds will help cover Jeremiah's medical expenses, including stuffing-transfusions, re-stitching, and perhaps even reconstructive refurring. Stay tuned for more updates on Jeremiah's condition, and hopefully we'll be able to get a word with the Teddy Bear family at some point within the next few weeks.

Google Big Battel Boner of the Week

Google does their best to track the emerging Kaiju threat, but even the overloads of the interweb get mixed up from time to time. From time to time, we highlight the difficulty they have wrapping the Google hive-mind around Kaiju Big Battel.

Google Blogs Alert for: kaiju big battel

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Question of the Week

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Nikkuman Not Doing So Hot

Lost in the shuffle amongst the emotional return of Kaiju Senior Official Jingi and Jeremiah's tragic beating, Kaiju Sophomore Official Nikkuman was also amongst the significant injuries coming out of last weekend's show. In the opening Fighto, the Zombie Plantain went berserk and went on a rampage, attacking both Powa Ranjuru and his own brother Pedro. When the Zombie attempted to tear off Powa's wings, Nikkuman valiantly stepped in and tried to stop him, only to get a chokeslam for his efforts. His intervention and subsequent devastation was not in vain, however; were it not for his heroics, we'd probably be listing Powa Ranjuru amongst the injured from the Battel instead!

Fortunately, with Jingi back in the fold, Nikkuman won't have to risk further injury by stepping back into the Big Ring too soon. But Nikkuman was impressive in his first few fightos, and we can't wait to have him back as soon as he's healthy.

Hell Monkey Officially MIA

After failing once again to show up at a scheduled fighto, Hell Monkey has officially been placed on the Kaiju MIA list. Hell Monkey hadn't been seen by anyone in almost a year, but the Kaiju Commissioner gave the Satanic Simian a title shot last weekend anyway, under the logic that if Hell Monkey didn't show up for a title match, then he truly must be missing.

As a result of being placed on the MIA list, Hell Monkey is removed from the active roster and doesn't get his share of merchandise sales from his "Hell Monkey's Hot Sauce". However, the Kaiju Regulatory Commission must now open up an investigation into Hell Monkey's whereabouts, and must reach a satisfactory conclusion as to whether the ape is dead or alive.

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