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Kaiju Big Battel
Dr. Cube and Chris Hero

But Can They Coexist?

Commissioner Signs Main Event for the Ages

Kaiju Big Battel's upcoming BBQ in Brooklyn was shaping up to be one of the biggest Battels ever, and that was before the main event was announced! Now, in perhaps the most star-studded, deadliest match of all time, the Kaiju Commissioner has decided that Dr. Cube will team up with human professional wrestler Chris Hero against Kaiju Heroes American Beetle and Hero Intern '08! Get yours tickets now to witness this destined to be legendary fighto in person.

What: Kaiju Big Battel at The Yard in Brooklyn

Special Performances By: Evil Dee, Team Facelift, Peelander-Z
Where: The Yard, 388-400 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY
When: Saturday, August 23rd
Doors: 4pm
Tickets: $15 Adv/$20 Day of Show; All Ages
Get Tickets: Ticketweb.com
Rain or Shine

Dr. Cube hasn't officially wrestled a match in almost 19 months ago, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy. He's interfered in the Kaiju Championship reign of Call-Me-Kevin, inserted himself into Neo Teppen's first title match, harassed and crippled Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder, and has continuously been a thorn in the side of Hero Intern '08. Now, the Kaiju Heroes have had enough.

But Cube will not be alone! Chris Hero, hailed by many as one of the best professional wrestlers in the world today and with the record to back it up, has wreaked havoc on Kaiju Big Battel since his uninvited arrival earlier this year. Dusto Bunny, Tadd Braddley Hawaiian Paddler, RoBox, Super Wrong and Sun Buster have all felt the wrath of the gaijin grappler. There's one monster whom Hero could not beat however: the real American Hero, American Beetle!

This match may be the culmination of a lot of bad blood built up, or it may just be the beginning!

Powa Sent to Set Plantains Straight

The fall from grace of Los Plantanos has been a tragic one, as Kaiju Big Battel's former premier tag team has descended into a life of rule-breaking and uncontrolled aggression. After the brothers in arms indirectly cost Neo Teppen and American Beetle the Double Danger Tag Tandem Title weeks ago in Podunk, Idaho, the Kaiju Commissioner has had enough.

In what will be her first billed Fighto at a Kaiju Big Battel event, Powa Ranjuru has been ordered by the Commissioner to take on Pedro Plantain and knock some sense into him. Powa looks at the match not as a chance to avenge her friends' title loss, but rather as an intervention of sorts to curb the Plantains' increasingly destructive behavior.

This is going to hurt me just as much as it will hurt him," a somber but determined Powa said today. "But I do intend on hurting him quite a bit."

Many Kaiju Heroes still consider Pedro, and to a lesser extent, Zombie Pablo, as friends and allies despite the two losing their Hero status last year. And while no one has questioned the duo's motive for revenge against Dr. Cube, many feel that the Plantains' methods are teetering on the edge of insanity, and hope Powa can save them before it's too late.

Calendar Kaiju

Live Big Battels:

  • Aug 23, The Yard, Booklyn, NY
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Commissioner Attempts to Lure Hell Monkey Out of Hiding with Title Shot

Despite credible cases for the #1 contendership, Uchu Chu, Dr. Cube, The Grudyin, and even fellow Hero Dusto Bunny have been denied a chance to take on Teppen for the Kaiju Championship Belt at the upcoming Battel. Instead, the Kaiju Commissioner has defied tradition and logic by announcing that missing monster Hell Monkey will get a shot at the title on August 23rd in Brooklyn.

The move has shocked many, considering Hell Monkey hasn't been seen in almost a year and hasn't won a singles match in more than two. But the Kaiju Commissioner feels that the Kaiju roster is a bit cluttered, and has declared that if Hell Monkey fails to show, he will be purged from the Big Battel ranks forever!

Said the Commish, "Look at our 2009 Roster Print! Sure, it's gorgeous and glows in the dark, but imagine how good it would look without Hell Monkey's ugly mug on there!"

Will the ape show up in Brooklyn, or is this Monkey officially MIA?

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