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Kaiju Big Battel
Teppen Takes on Uchu Chu

The Main Event!

West Coast Main Event Announced!

With just about a month to go before Kaiju's foray to the wild west coast, monster maniacs worldwide all have one question on their lips; who's the number one contender for the Kaiju Championship Belt? The Kaiju Commissioner answered that question today, and his decision will surely cause controversy throughout the universe. Next month in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Kaiju Hero Neo Teppen will defend the Belt against former champion and Team Space Bug leader Uchu Chu!

You'll recall that Uchu Chu had defeated Neo Teppen for the Kaiju Championship earlier this year at Shpadoinkel Mania VII in Philadelphia, but promptly lost it back a week later at Escape to New York. Given that Teppen had received an immediate rematch, most fans and experts alike assumed Uchu would get his own rematch in Brooklyn last month, but the Kaiju Commissioner shocked the world when he awarded the MIA Hell Monkey with a shot instead. Of course, the Satanic Simian never showed up, leading to a random drawing and the Iron Bros falling to the mighty Teppen.

Now, the Commissioner has granted Uchu his long awaited and much deserved rematch. There are perhaps no two more evenly matched competitors in all of Kaiju Big Battel than these two, and if their first two fightos were any indication, this could be a rubber match for the ages! Can Uchu Chu reclaim the Kaiju Championsip for Team Space Bug, or will the Kaiju Heroes stand strong once again?

San Francisco Big Battel
When: Wed, Nov 19. 8:00 PM
Where: The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center, San Francisco, CA
Tickets: $20, All Ages. Ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations.

Los Angeles Big Battel
With: Rocktapussy
When: Thu, Nov 20. 8:00 PM
Where: Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Tickets: $25, All Ages. Ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations.

Cube Disagrees with Main Event's Lack of Cube

The Kaiju Commissioner's decision on the California main event was not an easy one, as the list of possible contenders is seemingly as long as the San Andreas Fault. Call-Me-Kevin and Unibouzu are both former champions who never received rematches after their title losses, while Dusto Bunny and The Grudyin both had Call-Me-Kevin and his belt in their grasp before some unlucky twist of fate intervened. And numerous Kaiju Heroes have built up a strong enough resume for a shot at fellow Hero Neo Teppen. But one man in particular is not very happy with the Commissioner's decision.

"To say this is an outrage is the understatement of the century!" proclaimed the evil Dr. Cube. "I've had bowel movements that had more common sense than this imbecile!" Cube, of course, is still fresh off a big win last month with his new friend Chris Hero over American Beetle and Hero Intern '08, and feels he's done more than enough to deserve a shot. "Needless to say, at this point, the Commissioner is incapable of making the correct decision, and I'll have to do something about it!"

Most Kaiju experts believe that, despite his comments apparently indicating otherwise, Cube won't inject himself into the main event like he has been known to do. Says one expert, "I mean, he wouldn't do it again, would he? Yeah, he does it all the time, but... surely he's due for a time when he doesn't, right?" Stay tuned for more as this story develops, or simply attend a California show to skip straight to the resolution.

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Question of the Week

Who else has a Fighto out Westo?

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Beetle Recovers From Injuries, Hates French

Being on the receiving end of a devastating piledriver by pro wrestler Chris Hero is enough to end some men's careers, but American Beetle is no ordinary man, or bug, for that matter. After a month of recovery and rehabilitation, the most patriotic of all the Kaiju Heroes is back on his feet and ready for action.

"With the election season coming up, I'm in a fighting mood," announced Beetle today through a translator. "It's important for everyone out there to go out and vote, because without a President, there's nothing protecting our great nation from the tyranny and terror of the French."

Beetle then went on to explain his dislike of France, claiming "they stink, they hate freedom, they think they're so great, and they stink." The Kaiju Bureau of Public Relations and Damage Control later released a statement saying that Beetle's remarks were taken out of context and shouldn't be taken literally.

Kaiju Heroes Look for Answers About Plantanos

Unquestionably the biggest tragedy in all of Kaiju Big Battel history was the betrayal and murder of Pablo Plantain. But a close second may in fact be the subsequent quest for revenge by his brother Pedro, and the consequences of his rampage.

Just last month, the Zombie Pablo went berserk and nearly killed both Powa Ranjuru and Kaiju Junior Official Nikkuman, and even attacked Pedro in his blind zombie rage! The Kaiju Heroes want to help Pedro and bring him back to the path of righteousness, but it's not that easy. Pedro still wants revenge on Dr. Cube, perhaps to put his brother's soul at ease, or perhaps simply for himself.

The Kaiju Heroes, undeterred by their last failed intervention, want to try again. The Commissioner has said he'll forgive Pedro's past transgressions if he ditches Pablo and enters Hero Rehab, but convincing the determined Plantain is a whole different story. Who will the Kaiju Heroes send next? Stay tuned!

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