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Kaiju Big Battel
The Grudyin vs Call-Me-Kevin

Chimp vs Shrimp

Call-Me-Kevin to Choose Challenger

The Kaiju Commissioner was thrilled to announce this morning that Call-Me-Kevin would be granted the opportunity to pick his opponent for the Kaiju Championship Belt at NY Blackout on February 9th. :Historically, Call-Me-Kevin hasn't been very... well, he is a little bit of a... how can I put this? That lobster is a loser. It will be a wash if he can't even manage one successful title defense. With that in mind, this could be a great opportunity for the champion to grant a rematch to my favorite nephew Louden Noxious. I know Call-Me-Kevin has been very busy trying to set up his motivational speaking hotline, so I'll give him some time to think it over. No matter who he picks, I'm certain it will be an exciting match. Good luck, champ!"

Fortunately for Louden, Call-Me-Kevin ignored the Commish's advice, and selected a formidable challenger for the Kaiju Championship Belt. At New York Blackout, Call-Me-Kevin will go one-on-one with an opponent many feel is way out of his league - The Grudyin. "Ever since I debuted in Kaiju Big Battel, I've been labeled. First I was a lackey, then I was a loser, and now I'm an underdog," said the crustacean champion. "Now that I've got this belt in my claw, I seem to be treated differently, but believe me, I'm still the same old Kevin. There are a lot of monsters who deserve a shot, but I'm going to give it to The Grudyin. He's been overlooked for quite some time, even by Dr. Cube. I think we're a lot alike and I want to give him a chance, especially since nobody ever did that for me."

Shortly following Kevin's announcement, Vegas odds-makers had The Grudyin as a 10 to 1 favorite, with the over/under on broken bones Call-Me-Kevin will suffer set at 987.

If you want to witness what many assume will be the crowning of at new champion at Webster Hall on February 9th, then get your tickets today at ticketmaster.com or any Ticketmaster location.

Kaiju Big Battel: New York Blackout
When: Saturday, February 9th 2008. 7PM doors. 8PM show.
Where: Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St., Manhattan, NY
Tickets: All Ticketmaster locations and ticketmaster.com. $20. This is a 16+ event.

Undersea Brethren Back Call-Me-Kevin

Ever since Call-Me-Kevin did the impossible and won the Kaiju Grand Championship, his fellow Sea Amigos have realized that they need to up their game if they're going to hang with the underwater underdog. "We were just as surprised as everyone else," said Unibouzu. "Not to knock Call-Me-Kevin, but I mean, come on!" D.W. Cycloptopuss III agreed with Unibouzu's sentiments, "First and foremost, congratulations, chap. Both Unibouzu and I are former Kaiju Championships and we know the proletariats will be harpooning for you now. Rest assured, we have your carapace covered. You are the top fish in Kaiju now, but you are not sub aqueous symbols like us... yet. And we will moil, not boil, to boost our prestige."

Uchu Irked

Louden Noxious attempted to conduct a phone interview with Uchu Chu moments after Call-Me-Kevin announced he would face The Grudyin at New York Blackout. "Well how do you THINK I feel?" the angry leader of Team Space Bug shouted before hanging up the phone. When Louden called back, Mung Wun answered the phone, although Uchu Chu's temper tantrum could be heard in the background. "How do you think he feels? He deserves a rematch with that dumb red lobster," said the Thai Fly. "He fights hard and gets robbed. He hasn't had any Royal Jelly for over a week now, and he has the jitters! That's why he's so outraged. The Kaiju Championship Belt means more to him than I do!"

In the Dark About the Black Box

A few more details have been revealed about the Kaiju Commissioner's radical idea to spruce up future Battels. We now know that this project, codenamed "Black Box," will have an affect on each and every fighto on the New York Blackout card. When the Commissioner was contacted for a few words, he guaranteed that despite the name he was not in cahoots with Dr. Cube. So that dispels that rumor. Still, if anyone has any further information on just what the Black Box initiative truely is, e-mail it to info@kaiju.com.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Heroes Size-up New Ally's Name

Promoted Hero Intern, Sun Buster, has gotten plenty of feedback about his new Hero name. Even his new Heroic allies had a few choice words about the master of the helio-blaster's freshly minted moniker:

"This new Hero Intern, he is, eh, quesque c'est, A BIG STUPID JERK!!!" - French Toast

"There aren't too many humans that can call themselves Kaiju Heroes. 'Sun Buster' has a nice ring to it, but let's see what he can do when he enters the Big Ring." - Force Trooper Robo

"What he said." - Atomic Trooper Robo

"New name or not, he has no dance in his pants!" - Super Wrong

"Whoa dude! That's like, a totally excellent choice. I'd love to take in some of his cosmic rays." - Tadd Bradley Hawaiian Paddler

"Oh, you got to be kiddin' me. I can come up wit' a better name then that. Like Rainbow Munch!" - Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder

It sounds like Sun Buster has a lot of work to do before he proves himself to ther rest of the Heroes.

Kaiju Anime Con World Tour

The Kaiju Anime Club is growing fast, and we're always looking for new member clubs. If your club is interested in joining, please sign up today, or email info@kaiju.com for more info.

Question of the Week

Why did the Commissioner run a contest to determine the number one contender last week if he let Call-Me-Kevin pick his opponent for New York Blackout?

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