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Kaiju Big Battel
Black Boxes

Unwrap the Danger!

Live Monster Mayhem

This Saturday's special Kaiju Big Battel, code named "New York Blackout" is upon us, and the lid has been blown of the Battel's hush-hush secret? During each of the scheduled fightos, one or more black boxes will be introduced into the ring. The contents of each of these dark cases will remain a mystery until a fighter breaks it open. Many prizes are up for grabs and one could only speculate how the black box contents will affect the outcome of each Big Battel. Due to the experimental, highly unorthodox nature of the black boxes, video cameras will NOT be permitted in Webster Hall. In fact, this Battel will not be filmed in any capacity, so the only way to experience this ground breaking event is to be there live as one of 1,400 lucky spectators.

Kaiju Big Battel: New York Blackout
When: Saturday, February 9th 2008. 7PM doors. 8PM show.
Where: Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St., Manhattan, NY
Tickets: All Ticketmaster locations and ticketmaster.com. $20. This is a 16+ event.

Blackout Line Up

Based on this line up, New York Blackout is destined for the Kaiju history books:

Open Challenge: Unibouzu VS ?
It wasn't long ago that Unibouzu was the de facto leader of Kaiju's Sea Amigos faction. That all changed when the underwater urchin was upstaged at More Better Fighto in Brooklyn by his crustacean comrade and current Kaiju Grand Champion, Call-Me-Kevin. Unibouzu, under the careful guidance of his astute tag team partner, D.W. Cycloptopuss III, has completed a preposterous training regimen. Tonight, Unibouzu has issued an open challenge to any Kaiju Hero in an attempt to show up his former sidekick Kevin. However, rumor has it that a returning Hero plans to use this opportunity to deliver mighty blows of justice at the menacing Unibouzu.

Hero Handicapped Fighto: Sun Buster VS The CIA Plantains
After defeating Tucor at More Better Fighto, the former Hero Intern finally secured his spot as a genuine Kaiju Hero. He quickly revealed his new persona, Sun Buster, to a divided response. The controversy continued as the Kaiju Regulatory Commission called in the CIA Plantains to review questionable information provided by Sun Buster on his Big Battel Hero application. Disheartened by his deficient debut, Sun Buster has sworn to take out his frustrations on both CIA Plantains!

Tandem Title Trouble: Uchu & Yarsminko VS Neo Teppen & American Beetle
Uchu Chu suffered the most embarrassing loss of his career at More Better Fighto when perennial loser Call-Me-Kevin defeated him in the finals of the Championship Belt Tournament. Uchu Chu, determined to fly straight, gave up his Royal Jelly habit, but was shocked to discover that Call-Me-Kevin would not grant him a rematch. Now the irate insectoid is teaming up with his old college buddy, Yarsminko, to take away the Tandem Titles from the Heroes and show them "who's the boss."

RoBox Robolimination Rumble
The Kaiju Commissioner has been extremely busy over the past few weeks perfecting his the Black Box concept. As a result, he was unable to keep a close eye on the competition within Kaiju. While the Commissioner is typically the Big Battel matchmaker, he has awarded this coveted position, for one match only, to the good-intentioned RoBox. RoBox has concocted a contest, the likes of which has never been seen. The winner of the robo rumble will go on to face the Kaiju Grand Champion at the next Kaiju Big Battel!

Kaiju Championship Belt Battel: Call-Me-Kevin VS The Grudyin
Call-Me-Kevin has been the center of attention since More Better Fighto, and for good reason - he did the impossible and simultanteously scored his first ever win and Kaiju Championship reign! Humbled by the experience, the crimson champion vowed that for better or worse, he has changed his perennial loser ways and plans on staying on top of the Kaiju heap. Worried that his Championship reign would be a wash, the munificent Commissioner granted Kevin the privilege of picking his opponent. As a friendly gesture, Kevin selected The Grudyin, as he felt the two were similarly misunderstood souls. Dr. Cube, insulted that Kevin would even draw such a comparison, has guaranteed that his creation will brutalize the unlucky lobster and take home the most coveted prize in the Big Battel, the Kaiju Championship Belt.

Contendership Contest Winner

The final entrant in the Kaiju Comissioner's Contendership Contest is none other than the mechanical mishap, RoBox with his Robolimination Robo Rumble! The rules are as follows:

  1. RoBox will process data on the entire Kaiju roster.
  2. RoBox will compute said data.
  3. After careful consideration, five monsters from various factions will be chosen.
  4. These five combatants will be pseudo-randomly assigned an entry order by RoBox.
  5. The first two entrants start the contest. Once a monster is pinned, he is eliminated from the Rumble and the next entrant will replace him. This continues until one lucky winner is left standing!
  6. To the victor goes the spoils, and in this case, that's a shot at the Kaiju Grand Championship at an upcoming event!
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