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Kaiju Big Battel
Battel is Over

In the Can!

Battel Results

Impromptu Battel
Hero In Training Vanquished Giii the Space Pirate

Giii the Space Pirate, at the behest of sponsor Dr. Cube, crashed the paaarrrr-ty and flattened the first building of the night. The recently reinstated Hero In Training was having none of it however, and set out to save the TV Pilot. With a little help from Tadd Braddley Hawaiian Paddler and Neo Teppen, the H.I.T. rode a surfboard of smackdown all over Giii, earning the win, and perhaps his Hero stripes.

Double Danger Tandem Championship
Apes of Wraths Stole the Belts from Sea Amigos

The Apes of Wraths and the Sea Amigos fought a fierce elemental Battel pitching water against jungle. In the end though, confusion reigned as both Hell Monkey and D.W. Cycloptopuss III each managed to tear down one of the Double Danger Tandem Belts. At first it appeared that a new tag-team, perhaps the One-Eyed Monsters, or the Sea Monkeys, was about to be formed. The Apes had other plans however, and beat the fishy fighters until their gills were green before snatching away the Belts, and the new Double Danger Tandem Championship!

Amazon River Street Fighto
Pedro Plantain defeated the Evil Silver Potato

Pedro Plantain's grief over the death of his twin brother Pablo turned to horror when a reanimated zombie Pablo lurched into the Big Ring and turned this one-on-one revenge match into a two-on-one beatdown. Thankfully, Powa Ranjuru arrived in the nick of time and delivered a dose of anti-zombie pixie dust that left the traitor tator all alone and at the mercy of one furious Plantain.

Mocky Tomb of Doom
Dusto Bunny boxed Super Wrong

Super Wrong marked his TV debut with a spectacular new entrance featuring confetti cannons, backup dancing by 1-2-3 Party, and a hot new dance anthem. For a few moments it even looked like Super Wrong might finally deliver a Battel performance worthy of his theatrics. Sage hare Dusto Bunny wasn't falling for any fancy footwork though, and Super Wrong found himself stuffed in the Mocky box. While Dusto scored the win, he wasn't ready to turn his back on his former Hero ally - instead he doffed a Super Wrong wig and togther the two funkiest fighters in the Big Battel danced the night away!

Kaiju Championship Battel
Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle defeated Dr. Cube

Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle's first choice for an opponent, Uchu Chu the Space Bug, never made it into the Big Ring, as two towering Super Minions squashed the pride of Xertoid, crushing his knee and leaving him incapacitated. With the bug bashed, Dr. Cube emerged and challenged Soup, but before the Battel could begin The Swarm filled the Ring, seeking revenge for their fallen leader.

Amazingly, mortal enemeis Cube and Soup, were able to work together to exterminate the Swarm infestation. Once the bugs were beaten however, their temporary alliance was overcome by their long-term ennmity. What followed was an epic Battel that saw Dr. Cube gutting out a painful back injury to nearly recapture the Kaiju Championship Belt. After delivering the Iconoclysm, Cube thought the Belt was once again his, but somehow Soup managed to kick-out of Cube's pin. A stunned Cube soon found the tables turned, when Soup countered with not one, but two Five-Fingered Chowder Fists. With his solar-plexus shattered, Cube could only moan in pain as Kung-Fu scored the pin, and remained Kaiju Champion!

Commentary Coming Soon!

Stay tuned to kaiju.com for a full Battel Commentary including full color photos, more Big Battel fallout, and much more in the coming weeks.

Big Battel Thanks

The Kaiju Commissioner would like to thank everyone who made Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot possible. Big Battel thanks go out to the G4, Avalon, and Kaiju crews.

Special thanks to the giveaway sponsors - Rockstar Games, Kidrobot, and Beantown Toys.

The Commissioner also sends out his thanks to all of the press outfits who covered the Big Battel including the Weekly Dig, the Boston Globe, the Boston Geek Podcast.

Most of all, the Commissioner wants to thank all the Kaiju fans who braved the cold to come out and rock the Avalon with their cheers, jeers, and chants!

Uchu Chu in
Insective Care

Due to the injuries he sustained at Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot, Uchu Chu the Space Bug has been admitted to the insective care unit at Boston's Mass General Hospital. Their orthopedic-entomology specialists are hard at work rebuilding Uchu's shattered knee. Uchu is reportedly determined to make a full recovery, and doctors believe his enhanced insect healing factor will help heal his punctured patella. Uchu Chu's spirits have been kept up by a parade of Space Bug visitors bearing cards and well wishes. Absent from the guests has been Mota Naru, who was banned from hospital grounds after being caught sneaking a 40oz of royal jelly into Uchu's room.

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