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Kaiju Big Battel
Silver Potato and Soup Tangle in the Ring

Soup and Potato at War

All Out War Won!

The Big Battel is over, and Brooklyn hasn't been this crushed since the Dodgers split town. In the night's first Battel, Hell Monkey defeated The Grudyin, but post-Battel the two destructo-apes went from break-up to make-up and hugged it out, officially reforming their tag team. It wasn't long before everyone's collective mellow was harshed, however, when the CIA Imposter Twins busted Shrooma Tango for possession of illegal fungi. The Imit Plantains then tried to cuff admitted Pixie Dust proponent Powa Ranjuru, but found out it takes more than some trumped up charges to bring down the winged wonder who many are calling Kaiju's new number one Hero.

Things weren't all rosey for the Heroes however - the Hero-In-Training flunked his final test by failing to hold the intricately erected new Brooklyn Bridge against the menacing mercenary Giii. The Hero mishaps mounted as Super Wrong, newly equipped with a set of mystical roller skates, rolled right off the entrance ramp and KO'ed himself out of his matchup against Call-Me-Kevin. With no other Kaiju willing to lower themselves to stepping in the ring with Kaiju's most losingest Rogue, a surprising challenger stepped up: Louden Noxious! Despite Louden's mediocre musculture, feeble flexibility, and spineless... spine, Call-Me-Kevin proved that he is indeed Kaiju's biggest loser, recording the first ever Kaiju loss to an announcer.

The night came to a thunderous, quatro-crescendo when Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle and Pedro Plantain faced Dr. Cube and the traitor tater, Silver Potato. This bodacious Big Battel saw some unbelievable incidents, including Dr. Cube getting smacked silly by Peelander Pink; Pedro Plantain bringing a pizza slice to a knife fight; and Silver Potato and Dr. Cube performing a reenactment of Pablo Plantain's murder in 3 acts. When the chaos concluded however, the man of the night was Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle who retained his Championship Belt and earned the right to select his opponent at the next Battel (see below for details).

Boston Big Battel!

Brooklyn has been bashed, and up next up on the Battel docket is Boston, MA! On Friday October 20th, Dr. Cube, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Powa Ranjuru, and a gaggle of other Kaiju combatants will be turning the Avalon night club into ground-zero for Danger. Tickets are now on sale at ticketmaster.com and at Ticketmaster locations. And in an effort to make this Big Battel event affordable to all the Kaiju Commissioner has insisted that ticket prices be rolled back to prices not seen since Dr. Cube and Uchu Chu were facing off in art school gymnasiums.

Mall Updates Coming

Stay tuned to kaiju.com for some big mall updates in the coming days. We can't say exactly what will be added, but here's a clue - it rhymes with Fall-Tree-Heaven Me-Thirts.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Commentary and Trailer On the Way

The Commissioner has his web monkeys and video lemurs hard at work assembling a full Big Battel commentary (complete with a full-color photo gallery) and a Big Battel video trailer from All Out War. Check back in the coming days for your full All Out War coverage!

Battel Worn Fan Contest

Send us your pictures from the All Out War Battel and you'll be entered into the monthly Otaku Fan King Contest. The winner gets a limited-edition All Out War T-shirt (girlie style, size large). Send your submissions to submit@kaiju.com.

Question of the Week

How many rest areas are there between Brooklyn and Boston?

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