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Kaiju Big Battel
Shpadoinkel Mania on Friday

On Friday, Shapdoinkel Happened!

Shpadoinkel Results

A full Battel recap is in the works, but here are your quick Battel results:

Enter the Paddler
Tad Bradley Hawaiian Paddler Wiped-out Giii the Space Pirate

Kaiju's raddest, most bodacious newcomer brought his unique brand of surf-fu to Boston, and handed Giii his first loss ever.

Double Danger Tandem Championship
The One Eyed Monsters Crowned the Inaugural Double Danger Tandem Championsh

A tag-team duel turned into tag team confusion when both Hell Monkey of the Apes of Wraths and D.W. Cycloptopuss III of the Sea Amigos each grabbed one of the Championship Belts. Referee Jinigi's solution? The two cycloptic monsters must form a new team - The One-Eyed Monsters!

Amazon River Street Fighto
Pedro Plantain defeated Evil Silver Potato

Pedro Plantain got his revenge on the traitor tator Silver Potato, but Pedro's victory was overshadowed by the shocking return of Pablo Plantain... as an evil zombie!

Hero Intervention Reality Show
The Yokusuka Jump Squadron defeated Dusto Bunny

It took trickery, impersonation, and a crank call, but the Super Wrong and his ally the inanimate pink teddy bear defeated Dusto Bunny. Dusto will now have to leave the Kaiju Heroes and join Super Wrong's new faction - the Yokusuka Jump Squadron!

Kaiju Championship
Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle Soup Defeated Uchu Chu

Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle used his right to pick an opponent to bring banned legend Uchu Chu back into the Big Battel. Uchu returned the favor by bringing the entire Team Space Bug including a legion of The Swarm into the Big Ring. Amazingly, Soup managed to fight off the relentless insect assault and defeated Uchu Chu to retain the Kaiju Championship Belt.

Next Week

Check back next week for a full Big Battel commentary including full color photos from Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII and more.

Cube Kidnaps Baby Sky Deviler!

Amidst all the fighto action at Shapdoinkel Mania, there was a beautiful moment - the birth of a baby Sky Deviler. After snatching the egg from the Space Bugs, Dr. Cube used a super-techno-micro- industro-incubatortron to hatch the egg, and out came a cute little baby space creature which he dubbed Sky Deviler. Uchu Chu tried desperately to retrieve the baby, but sadly, at the end of the night, the bouncing baby Deviler was firmly in Cube's clutches.

New Podfighto!

With Shpadoinkel Mania mania sweeping through Kaiju HQ, it's a minor miracle that the Kaiju audio squad and the Kaiju interwebbers have found time to post yet another Kaiju Podfighto featuring ace commentator Louden Noxious. In this week's Kaiju Podfighto, Louden recaps the Road to Tandem Glory tournament that narrowed the eight contending teams for the new Kaiju Tag Team Championship Belt down to two final competitors who will meet at Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII. Listen in auditory awe, as the Yokusuka Jump Squadron, the Sea Amigos, Apes of Wraths, and more fight it out, plus catch up on your Shpadoinkel history as Louden shares some classic moments from past Shpadoinkel Manias.

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Thank you

Big thank you to Shapdoinkel Mania sponsor Rock Star Games.

Shpadoinkel in the Media

Thanks to all the media who covered Shpadoinkel Mania including Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Phoenix, and Weekly Dig.

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Annual Kaiju Halloween contest

With Halloween right around the corner it's time for the annual Kaiju Halloween Costume Contest. That's right - email a picture of you in your Kaiju inspired Halloween costume to contest@kaiju.com and you'll be entered to win a special Kaiju Halloween-ish prize pack. One lucky winner will win it all. For some inspiration, check out the House of Otaku and the News Archiveto see some past entrants. Deadline for submission is Monday, November 6th. Costumes are judged on craft, creativity, and awesomeness. Good luck.

Question of the Week

What happened to baby Sky Deviler's nose?

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