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Kaiju Big Battel
Dr. Cube Says Someone Must Die

Who Will Die this Friday?!!!

Kaiju LIVE in Boston Tomorrow!

The Anime Boston 2006 Big Battel is just hours away, on Friday, May 26th. Kaiju's highly anticipated homecoming will feature thirty-two blocks of crushable cityscape (including the Prudential Center), 2 Kaiju Jumbotrons, the fan favorite Danger Zone (a Double-Dare-inspired audience participation area), and twenty Kaiju fighters including two new monster creations.

The main event for this year's greatest night of live monster wrestling is a Championship Belt Battel betweenand the evil Dr. Cube and Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle. Will Cube deliver on his threat that "Someone Must Die!"? Find out Friday night! This is Kaiju's only scheduled New England performance at this time, so don't sleep on it.

Kaiju Big Battel at Anime Boston 2006
Where: Anime Boston 2006, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA
When: Friday May 26th. Doors at 7:30PM. Show at 8:00PM
Ticket Info: http://www.animeboston.com/registration

The schedule of events for Kaiju Big Battel; Someone Must Die! are as follows:

Match 1: Tag Team Urban Conflict
Los Plantanos Vs The Apes of Wrath

This double fighto features Kaiju's two greatest tag teams ever, Los Plantanos (AKA The Plantain Twins) and The Apes of Wrath! Dr. Cube's Apes of Wraths are the simian power team of the shark-ape-thing called The Grudyin and the one-eyed monkey from the dark side known as Hell Monkey. The freedom-fighting Plantain Twins have been rallying for some retribution against these menacing beasts ever since Dr. Cube's Posse kidnapped Silver Potato on their watch. In addition to fighting the Apes of Wraths, Pablo and Pedro Plantain have also volunteered to provide security for the entire Boston cityscape including the towering Prudential Center.

Match 2: Intern Promotion Match
Hero Intern Vs Vegetius

In an effort to bolster the weakened Kaiju Hero ranks, the Kaiju Commissioner created the Hero Intern Program. After successfully training under American Beetle and defeating Call-Me-Kevin at the Xbox 360 Zero Hour Big Battel, the Hero Intern moved on to train under Kaiju's leading Hero, Neo Teppen. The Commissioner is so pleased with the Intern's development under Teppen that he has scheduled the Intern to take on the Rogue beast Vegitius, who has been accused of soiling the Hero camping site on the banks of the mighty Charles River. Will the Hero Intern be able to defeat the super shelled Vegitius or will he fail miserably and taint the entire Hero Intern program forever?

Match 3: Fight City, Population Kaiju
Force Robo Trooper Vs Giii

The original Kaiju Hero, Force Trooper Robo has come out of retirement to defend the entire Kaiju Universe from Giii, a mysterious space pirate who has come to Earth to steal the "essence" of Kaiju. If the Giii succeeds, the fate of entire Kaiju Big Battel Universe is doomed! Force Trooper has not fought in over eight years, but RoBox has trained the cyborg for the fight of his life. Good thing too, because all will be lost if the space invader plunders the "essence" of Kaiju for his own intergalactic gain. If the stakes aren't high enough for you, watch out! This Battel will be televised on G4 TV's Action Blast!

Match 4: Pocky Tomb of Doom
Unibouzu Vs Dai Hachi Hachi

During kaiju.com's Road to Ambition Podcast Tournament, Dai Hachi Hachi spoiled Unibouzu's chances for a shot at the Kaiju Championship Battel by stealing all Uni's favorite sugary snacks (including his coveted shrimp-flavored Pocky) before the fighto. Without his usual sugar rush, Unibouzu crashed hard and failed to defeat Soup. Now Unibouzu is looking for some sweet revenge against Dai Hachi Hachi in this coffin-style match dubbed the Pocky Tomb of Doom.

Fan Contest with Louden Noxious and Beav

Kaiju commentators Louden Noxious and Beav host a special fan contest for Anime Boston 2006! It's a surprise, but it's got Danger Zone is written all over it!

Main Event: Kaiju Big Battel Championship
Dr. Cube VS Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle

Tonight, the killer kicking can Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle gets his long deserved chance to take on the evil Dr. Cube for the Kaiju Championship Belt. Soup has been angling for a chance at the Championship ever since Unibouzu screwed him out of his top contender position at Brooklyn Double Danger in 2003. On the other hand, the powerful Dr. Cube is riding a 3-year winning streak and appears to be invincible. Still, the wild, wild, wild world of Kaiju is teaming with the unexpected and anything is possible! Will potential interference by Cube's Posse, or perhaps one disgruntled Unibouzu, leave Soup flat? Or will Soup bring down Dr. Cube once and for all?

Kaiju at the Con

Be sure to visit the Kaiju booth (#435) in the Exhibitors Hall! Check the Anime Boston 2006 schedule for Kaiju Big Battel DVD screenings, autograph sessions, panels and workshops through out the weekend. Times and locations subject to change.

Kaiju Acting Panel
Saturday Noon-1pm
Back bay Ballroom B

Creature Double Feature!!!
Video More Better Fighto screening (Boston Premier) followed by Q&A with Kaiju Creators and then Shocking Truth
Saturday 4:30pm-6:30pm
Video Room 112 Hynes

Anime Boston Masquerade Ball, Louden Noxious and Beav as guest judges
Saturday, 7pm
Main Events Room

Kaiju Autograph Session
Saturday 3pm-4pm
Ballroom B

Kaiju Costume Creation Panel
Sunday 11am-Noon
Workshop 102 Hynes

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Admission Info

For all of you who are new to Anime Boston, in order to attend the Kaiju Big Battel, you must register for the con and pick up your badge at the Sheraton Hotel. You can not simply walk up to the door at the Hynes Auditorium and pay to enter. To get into the Kaiju Big Battel performance, first you have to register for the convention at the Sheraton Hotel (2nd floor) located at 39 Dalton Street. Give yourself at least an extra half hour to ensure you are seated in time for the Big Battel's countdown to danger. The more time, the better. Please visit the Anime Boston registration page for more details.

Photos, Videos are GO!

Yes, you can bring cameras into the Big Battel performance. For those of you in the Danger Zone, take care that your equipment doesn't get covered in monster blood, sweat, and tears because we assume no responsibility for your new Lupin the 3rd t-shirts or your cameras.

Question of the Week

Is the RoBox plushie a con exclusive?

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