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Kaiju Big Battel
Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle Kicks Cube

Kung-Fu Kicks Off a New Title Reign

Mayhem! Murder!
Kaiju Big Battel!

This past weekend's Anime Boston 2006 Big Battel has shaken Kaiju to its core! Dr. Cube lost the Championship Belt to Soup; Uchu Chu defied his ban and crashed Cube's match; and an apparently brainwashed Silver Potato defected to Dr. Cube's Posse and killed legendary Hero Pablo Plantain as the gathered Anime Con masses cried out in horror! A complete commentary and live event highlight reel are on the way. Until then, here is a quick recap of Kaiju Big Battel: Someone Must Die!

Fighto 1: Apes of Wrath waste Los Plantanos
The Apes of Wraths destroyed the Prudential Building and Los Plantanos. During the Battel, Pablo received a fatal wound that was later determined to have been delivered by former Hero stand-out Silver Potato.

Fighto 2: The Hero Intern defeats Vegetius
The Hero Intern was looking confident with his new leg gauntlets and took out feral Kaiju beast Vegetius with almost no help from his ringside mentor Neo Teppen.

Fighto 3: Force Trooper Robo beats Giii
Space-faring Kaiju newcomer Giii offered everyone cookies upon entering the Big Ring and then proceeded to smash the helmet of Force Trooper Robo with his space invader cookie sheet. A brazillion run-ins later, Force Trooper turned the tables on Giii with a little help from the most Powa-ful Hero in the Big Battel.

Fighto 4: Unibouzu buries Dai Hachi Hachi
Unibouzu beat the venom out of Dai Hachi Hachi in the first ever Pocky Tomb of Doom match!

Championship Match: Dr. Cube Vs Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle Soup
Dr. Cube's multi-year reign as owner of the Kaiju Championship Belt ended this evening as Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle overcame the evil doctor in a nasty Battel that ended with the debut of the newest Posse member - Silver Potato!

You Better Rushie to Get a Plushie!

While the big news from Anime Boston 2006 was clearly the death of Pablo Plantain, the Con-goers were also all talking about a lighter subject: Plushies! This weekend, the Kaiju Commissioner was pleased to debut RoBox Plushies. These adorably soft "action comic collecto-dolls", are extremely limited edition - only 30 were made by ace artist Carly Smith. Measuring 4"x7"x9" with 10" arms and with a price-tag of just $30 each, these little RoBoxes are too limited to last!

Big Battel Otaku Call!

Did you snap some killer pix at Anime Boston 2006? Do you have a photo of yourself with a seven-foot tall Pocky Stick? Have you been inspired to create some Kaiju art? If so, send your Otaku submissions to submit@kaiju.com. The best fan photos, fan art, DIY toys will make the Kaiju Otaku House. Plus the best submission will be crowned the next Otaku Fan King, and win a fabulous prize pack!

Question of the Week

Can you send me the Big Battel audio playlist?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Battel Press Coverage

While patiently waiting for the official Big Battel Commentary and video trailer, you may want to check out the coverage of the monumental Anime Boston 2006 Big Battel in the press.

KrazyGamers.com reports that night was "filled with twists of murder and drama combined with nonstop humor". They also have some sweet giant Pocky pictures. Read their Battel Review, then check out their Battel Photo Gallery, but please don't get the snapshots of Anime fans in fake, make-believe costumes, confused with the photos of the real-life Kaiju Big Battel combatants.

Meanwhile Camille Dodero, a self-professed one-time "spatula-wielding Minion", recaps the Big Battel action for the Boston Phoenix in this online article. Ms. Dodero's article covers all the action plus points out the lack of PBR at the Battel, a fact she found amusing, but which left a few surly Salbinos with butterfly-filled beer bellies.

Question of the Week 2

Wait, are you trying to tell me that Pablo Plantain is really dead?!

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