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Kaiju Big Battel
French Toast and Steam-Powered Tentacle Boulder

"Look out, you rainbow munch!"

More Better Fighto Battel Friday!

The More Better Fighto Big Battel is on! The main event has just been signed (listen to this week's Kaiju Podfighto to find out who the combatants will be), and monsters and magical beasts from across the globe are rampagaing towards Brooklyn. While some tickets are still available, this Battel is expected to sell out, so it is highly recommended that you buy your tix ahead of time at ticketmaster.com or any Ticketmaster location.

Kaiju Big Battel: More Better Fighto
When: Friday, November 9th, 2007. 8PM doors, 9PM show.
Where: The Warsaw, 261 Driggs. Ave. Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: $20 advance, $23 day of show. Available at all Ticketmaster locations and online at Ticketmaster.com

Battel Line-up

Pre-Show Entertainment: DJ Rofo on the Wheels of Steel*

Inter-Hero Feud Fighto: French Toast VS SPTB
The ongoing inter-Hero feud will come to a head tonight as Kaiju's newest Heroes, French Toast and Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder, settle their beef. If the Frenchy Fighter tries to dodge SPTB again, the Kaiju Commissioner has declared that the breakfast beast will risk Big Battel banishment.

Brooklyn Street Fighto: Giii VS Dusto
The Brooklyn Street Fighto has only one rule - the first combatant to be pinned for a three-count loses! Anything else is fair game in this controversial, NATO banned, no-holds-barred street fighto.

Tandem Title Fighto: The One-Eyed Monsters VS American Beetle & Neo Teppen
After much deliberation the Commisioner has chosen American Beetle and Neo Teppen to face the monocular odd-couple tag team of Hell Monkey and D.W. Cycloptopuss III.

Potato Panic at the Disco: Silver Potato VS Super Wrong
After a Saturday night squabble at the Jersey City Roller Disco, the Commish has ordered Yokosuka Jump Squadder, Super Wrong, and the evil traitor 'tater, Silver Potato, to settle their score on the Warsaw dance floor. But leave your platform shoes at home, for the dancers' war of words will be settled with closed fists.

Tucor VS Hero Intern
Dr. Cube's latest creepy creation, Tucor, is hell-bent on making a big splash in his debut fighto against the Hero Intern. Tucor has been created by splicing the DNA of a toucan with that of a gerbil, which Cube claims to be the "perfect formula to humiliate those pathetic Heroes." Let's hope the Hero Intern steps up to stop Cube's newest beast and earns his long-awaited, well-deserved promotion in the process.

Kaiju Championship Belt Battel: ? vs ?
The month-long Uncontrolled Destiny Tournament to crown a new Kaiju Champion comes to an epic climax in the main event. Who will be fighting for a share of Big Battel history? Find out, in the newest Kaiju Podfighto.

* Disclaimer: DJ Rofo is neither a DJ, nor in possession of any kind of metallic wheels.

New Podfighto Reveals Main Event Combatants

Want to know just who will be entering the Big Ring for the Kaiju Championship Belt Battel on Friday? Then listen to Louden Noxious' lastest foray into the multi-trillion dollar podcasting industry, and find out. Will it be boozey bug Uchu Chu? Hero-turned-Rogue Pedro Plantain? Loserable Lover Call-Me-Kevin? The Urchin whose searchin' for Big Battel glory, Unibouzu? All is revealted in Kaiju Podfighto #13.

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Wee Little Give-away

Rockstar Games presents "The Fight before the Fighto!" Kaiju pals Rockstar Games will be giving away a Nintendo Wii (not to be confused with no-friendo Giii) before the More Better Fighto Battel. Get to the Warsaw early and enter the Table Tennis Tournament for your chance to win!

Win Battel Tickets

Hustler of Culture is giving away a set of tickets to the Battel. Enter on the HoC website by 5pm tomorrow for your chance to win.

Chicken Noodle Dupe

With More Better Fighto just days away, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle will allegedly be in NYC this upcoming weekend! Is KFCN putting "The Prophecy" on hold to see Young Frankenstein on Opening Weekend (and who could blame him?) Considering his culinary know-how, perhaps he will be a guest speaker at the All Asia Food Expo? Another theory suggests that the former factory worker ditched the KBB Championship Belt because he had his sight set on a new prize. Is it possible that Soup, along with Baby Sky Deviler, are throwing their collective hat (and what a bizarre bonnet that would be) into Tandem Title contention? The Kaiju Commissioner already selected a pair of Heroes to face The One Eyed Monsters, but perhaps Soup and the Baby Bug have other plans....

The Commissioner has made it clear that Soup's decision to relinquish the Championship Belt makes him ineligible to compete in fashion in Brooklyn, but the Kung-Fu Killer and Baby Sky Deviler pairing would be interesting to say the least. Could the hatchling's training already be complete? Just because the incubation period for Baby Sky Deviler was over three years doesn't mean he's ready for his first fighto. Still, the development of this disgusting species remains a mystery to many. For instance, why was the previous Sky Deviler born with a nose, while the Baby was not? Is there something unusual, something extraordinary about this particular Deviler? Is the "Quest for Destiny" nothing more but a ruse for Soup to beef up his credentials? If anyone can answer all of these questions, it is the brutal noodle himself.

Mall Updates

It has been a very busy month for the Kaiju Mall. The new Kaiju Lucky Bags have been the surprise hit of the Fall. Don't take our word, check out the Kaiju message board for fan feedback on just how lucky these bags are. Also, be sure to pick up a limited edition Sky Deviler Toy variant and a limited-edition More Better Fighto NYC print by Brian Wood of DMZ fame before they sell out.

Question of the Week

Is the BK ready for KBB?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Public Safety Warning

Rumors are running wild that our beloved Pedro Plantain has gone "Rogue" and hired the mercenary Iron Brothers to kill the evil Silver Potato. Fortunately, Pedro has assured Kaiju officials that these are just rumors. Unfortunately, the fact remains that Silver Potato did kill Pablo Plantain and Pedro hasn't been his freedom-loving self since. The Iron Brothers have supposedly threatened that "anyone who gets in the way of a job... we will gladly kill for free". So please stay clear of the Triangle Of Death as you enjoy Friday night's Kaiju Big Battel at the Warsaw.

Commercial Interruption

Whatsamatta, fatso? Can't sleep at night because of the deafening noise your thighs create when they rub together? Worried they're going to have to tear down a wall and roll you on a forklift to get you out of the house after the holidays? Fear not, because a familiar Kaiju commentator has the solution to your portly problems. The Elizabethan Collar Apparatus Diet is the easiest way out there to curb your monster appetite. For an introductory price of $19.99 per month, all you have to do is wear a super cool cone around your neck and the lovable Louden Noxious will pay a visit to your house three times a day to feed you*! Now you never have to worry about self control again!!!

*Price of collar not included.

Kaiju Anime Con World Tour

The Kaiju Anime Con Perpetual World Tour continues this December, with a visit to the Big Apple:

The Kaiju Anime Club is growing fast, and we're always looking for new member clubs. If your club is interested in joining, please sign up today, or email info@kaiju.com for more info.

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