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Kaiju Big Battel
Beav and Red Belt Out a Tune

Beav and Peelander Red Rock Out

Next Battel Announced

The Kaiju Commissioner is proud to announce that the first full-scale Kaiju Big Battel of 2006 will take place at Anime Boston 2006 on Friday, May 26 at the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston, USA. This will be Kaiju's first live event in Boston since May Day! Mayday! Boston SOS! in 2004. Although the exact lineup has yet to be confirmed, the following Kaiju fighters are expected to participate: Dr. Cube, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Uchu Chu, Shrooma Tango, Los Plantanos, The Apes of Wraths, Vegetius, Powa Ranjuru, RoBox, and more! Stay tuned to kaiju.com for exact fightos.

For tickets to Anime Boston, including Friday's Kaiju Big Battel, visit http://www.animeboston.com/registration/.

Kaiju Rally Smash Hit

Last Saturday's Kaiju Rally was a smashing success according to fans, friends, and fiends in attendance. Mad mayhem-inspired fun was had by all, including certain rabble-rousing Kaiju-types. Big thanks goes out to all the bands, the staff at the Middle East Club, and most of all, the fans who packed the Rally to capacity. The Commissioner is looking to put together a Rally slideshow, so please send your favorite low res photos to submit@kaiju.com.

Kaiju Rally Highlights

Some of the evening's highlights:

  • Slo Feng freaks girls out with terrible Euro smell.
  • Beav drinks first adult beverage.
  • Cube fan attempts to steal prototype Minion Militia Kit.
  • Cube's newest monster Shrooma Tango makes his debut.
  • Kaiju big wig's attempt at simultaneous coffee/PBR consumption goes horribly awry.
  • Kinks set ends in fistfight backstage.
  • Powa Ranjuru no shows.
  • Gelatine is sleeper hit of the Rally.
  • Rockstar Games gives peak at new unreleased Xbox game.
  • Kaiju Merch Guys Barters for Gelatine T.
  • Peelander blows roof off of club.
  • Cube tests new line of camo merch.
  • Mysterious new monster attempts to crash Peelander-Z set.
  • Cube announces "someone will die" at upcoming Battel at Anime Boston 2006

Minion March a Joke

Dr. Cube pulled an expensive joke on the Kaiju Commissioner this past Friday. Cube's highly touted Million Minion March turned out to be a complete farce. Not even a single Minion ever materialized, leaving the entire Kaiju Regulatory Commission with egg on its collective face. With millions of dollars spent on extra security measures in anticipation of a million Cube supporters demonstrating outside the KRC’s downtown HQ, Cube laughed extra hard at the Commissioner's naivety and celebrated his successful April Fool's joke by passing out free Cube swag to all at the Kaiju Rally. Powa Ranjuru was particularly miffed, having missed the Rally because she was deployed at the last minute to provide extra Kaiju Hero security at the bogus march.

D.W.C. III Battels Cube

After a night of relative peace and respect for public safety, D.W. Cycloptopuss III attacked Dr. Cube in the parking lot after the Kaiju Rally. Apparently, Dr. Cube spilt a full glass of clam juice on D.W. and didn't bother to apologize to the Sea Amigo. D.W.'s temper raged and he consequently tried to take advantage of the new 24/7 Mandate, challenging Dr. Cube to an impromptu fighto for his Kaiju Championship Belt. Needless to say, D.W. got beat badly but not before delivering some nasty blows to Cube's bum knee. Cube was livid and promised D.W. the ghastly gift of payback at the upcoming Kaiju Big Battel event.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Announcer Blimp Breaks Down

The Kaiju Blimp, from which Louden and Beav deliver their Kaiju commentary on the G4TV's Action Blast, was downed last Saturday night by a woodpecker on the way home from the Kaiju Rally. Both Louden and Beav were unharmed but unfortunately the Kaiju Blimp was forced to make an emergency landing in Rhode Island, of all the places. It has yet to be determined how this will affect future episodes of the Action Blast. Stay tuned!

April Fan King

We don't have a virtual crown big enough for this month's Otaku Fan King. Mario Bueno wins the Fan King Award for his DIY film, FF VS KBB. This 114 minute fan film epic features "Dr. Cube", "Silver Potato", and two sports car driving "Plantains". Plus there's a bunch of Final Fantasy characters we know nothing about. It's a brilliant tale of good versus evil. There's only one fatal flaw, Kaiju lost to Final Fantasy (Belated Spoiler Alert!). How could you, Mario? We'll let that one slide for now - you still win the Los Plantanos Solidarity T-shirt.

While you may not have 114 minutes of Otaku, you can still win next month's Otaku Fan King award by sending your art, photos, DIY toys, and other Otaku creations to submit@kaiju.com.

Question of the Week

Who's Cube going to kill?

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