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Kaiju Big Battel
Grudyin holds Cube's Helmet

Fan Contest Winner!

Battel Heats Up in Brooklyn

Mark your summer fun calendars! Right on the heels of last month's Someone Must Die! Battel, the Kaiju Commissioner has called for a follow-up Battel in NYC. On Friday August 4th, Kaiju Big Battel will return to the Warsaw in Brooklyn for the first time NY Big Battel since Brooklyn Double Danger in November of 2003. Joining Kaiju Big Battel will be Japanese Action Comic Punks Peelander-Z. This is an all ages event and will surely sell-out, so go buy your tickets today. Stay tuned for a complete Battel lineup.

Kaiju Big Battel with Peelander-Z
When: Friday, August 4. Doors: 8pm
Where: Warsaw, 261 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Pics Can Happen

Daniel P and Lauren K have won the Someone Must Die! fan pic contest (see their winning entry above). We had a digi-ton of pics but Daniel and Lauren's pic of The Grudyin holding Cube's helmet on high, really captured the spirit of Kaiju's weekend at Anime Boston. Lauren and Daniel win the late Pablo Plantain's bloodied Anime Boston badge and an artist proof of the Limited Edition Somone Must Die! Print by Yoriko Shiraishi. Add one of these Awesome show posters to your Kaiju collection, we have 4 left in stock (out of 50) in the Kaiju Mall.

The House of Otaku has been getting mucho submissions ranging from DIY toys to pencil sketches. Former Otaku King, monstermaniac, has even got back in the fan art ring for another swing at the coveted Otaku Title. If you looking to win the Otaku crown, email your creations to submit@kaiju.com. Keep the submissions coming and look forward to an Otaku update soon.

Action Blast Can Happen

Louden and Beav shot four new episodes for G4 TV's Action Blast! last week. Featured fights include Dusto Bunny VS Dr. Cube, Dai Hachi Hachi VS Powa Ranjuru VS D.W. Cycloptopuss III, Super Wrong VS Gomi-man, and Neo Teppen VS Soup. You can watch the Action Blast everyday at 8AM on G4 TV, and now when you watch you'll get 2x the Big Battel Action: Due to the popularity of Kaiju Big Battel on Action Blast, the powers-that-be have doubled the amount of monster mayhem on each episode!

RoBox Plushies Rule!

There are a mere four RoBox Plushies left for sale in the Kaiju Mall. These super-duper limited-edition plushies are Kaiju's first ever designer toys! They're too cute for words and too limited to last too long. These soft collectables measure 4"x7"x9" with 10" arms and are limited to a run of 30. Buy one today and save us the trouble of updating the Collectables page in the Kaiju Mall.

Apes of Wraths Breakdown

Dr. Cube's top tag team, The Apes of Wraths, have broken up. Hell Monkey and The Grudyin have gone their separate ways, citing "irrevocable differences" for the break up of the evilest Kaiju tag team of all time. This shocking decision, which comes right on the heels of the Apes of Wraths' controversial win over Los Plantanos, has some Kaiju analysts speculating that all is not well in the ranks of Dr. Cube's Posse. When questioned, Dr Cube brushed off the break up with a barrage of insults and reassured his followers that he already has a next generation tag team in development. Tandem Terra Terror, a plant-based tagteam made up of Marutumbo and Shroma Tengo are believed to be one potential replacement for the seperated simians.

Many Challenge Soup

Neo Teppen announced his intentions this week to challenge Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle for the Kaiju Championship Title. Since Soup captured the Championship Belt at the Someone Must Die! Big Battel, the number one contender spot for the Championship has been up for grabs. The Kaiju Commissioner says he thinks a Kaiju Hero should be given the opportunity, and Teppen seems to fit the bill. Not surprisingly however, Dr. Cube is demanding a re-match in Brooklyn. Call-Me-Kevin meanwhile says he is "tired of fighting scrubs", and that he has "totally earned a shot" at the Title. The current Kaiju Champ has been absolutely silent on the subject. Soup's cool demeanor indicates he is ready, willing, and able to take on any fighter that challenges his number one position.

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Dear Kaiju Commissioner

You poor misguided fool... as a member of the cube liberation front i would like to let it be known that unless you offer two commentary roles to give an unbiased view of the battels instead of the hero orientated one that your clueless nephew seems to have... sure Dino Kang Jr. is good at that job yet we believe that he needs more support since he did lose his mother and needs the moral guidance that only a number of the good Dr.s loyal followers can show him what is Good (Dr. Cube) and evil (Yourself being the primary example). Until the fall of you and your edible confectionary empire i would like to say good luck and Cube Bless.

C. Knuidson
Director of the C.L.F. Information division

Dear C. Knuidson:

Based on your paranoid email, you appear to be under the spell of Dr. Cube and suffering from delusions of persecution. I assure you that my nephew, Louden Noxious and his co-host Beav are two of the best-unbiased Kaiju commentators on the Kaiju Big Battel circuit. If you, or any other Cube supporters would like to nominate a commentator, I am happy to give your suggestions sincere consideration. Unfortunately, given Dino Kang Jr's violent past, recent DUI arrest, and admitted flagrant support of Dr. Cube's Posse, he is not an eligible candidate.

Your Friend,
Kaiju Commissioner

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